Super Hebdo - Hebdomadaire - 14 janvier 1971 - N° 41 (weekly, 14th january 1971 issue #41)

'Farewell to the Underground... Long life to Rock'

T.Rex, ex Tyrannosaurus Rex, are not a band as we could think, but merely a duo who’s music grooves like a four or five musicians band.

Marc BOLAN (guitar, organ, piano, bass guitar) and Mickey Finn (bongos, percussions) are indeed skilled musicians. After a long flirt with underground music, of which Marc BOLAN was one of the ‘Popes’ in ENGLAND as well as in the USA, T.Rex now play electric Rock, heavy and sophisticated.

They lost fans along the way (the Underground music dye-hard aficionados) Marc Bolan and Micky FINN have conquered a far wider audience. They now top the English charts with ‘Ride a White Swan’ that has just been released as a single here, in FRANCE. To date T.rex has released 5 albums in ENGLAND and in the STATES. Their last album, simply named ‘T.Rex’ is currently one of the best selling LPs. On this album we can hear Steve CURRIE, their bass player, who often appears on stage with them, as well as the two solo singers of the Mothers Of Invention : Mark VOLMAN & Howard KALEN (KAYLAN of course).

We met Marc BOLAN and Mickey FINN when they quickly visited PARIS and played in front of TV cameras at the Rock and Roll Circus for the ‘Saturday for You’ TV program.

Marc BOLAN, who composes most of their songs, is physically as well as mentally strange and attaching. That’s was the first time he played in FRANCE as a professional but he knows well our country where he lived for more than six months, a few years ago.

‘I was living with a friend, a remarkable human being who was a true wizard. He owned hundreds of books, all very weird. From that time I’ve been interested in mysterious things. I believe in reincarnation and supra natural events. My wife June is able to separate her mind from her body…’

Marc not only writes beautiful lyrics to most of their songs: he also has just finished writing a Sci-Fi book: ‘The Children Of Rarn’.

T.Rex are scheduled to come back to PARIS next February for an OLYMPIA concert, a must see event, musically and scenically, that you should not miss.

Some ‘prehistoric fans’ will certainly long for their previous name… So, to the musicians who plan to form a band : encyclopedias are full of unused names : Brontosaurus, Dinosaurus, or… why not ? Diplodocus…


Super Hebdo - Hebdomadaire - 18 février 1971 - N° 46 (weekly, 18th february 1971 issue #46)

T.Rex Headlining on Antenne 2 - Saturday 20th - 6:20pm

Patrice BLANC-FRANCARD continues portaying Pop Music bands on his Maurice Dumay program Pop2.

Next 20th of february he will present T.Rex whose concert at La Taverne de l'Olympia has been filmed.

From Johns Children to Tyrannosaurus Rex the band had hard times finding their style. They nonetheless had a hit with 'Deborah' but then split. Here they come again, under a third name : T.Rex.

As always the program shows a Pop Music press review. This is very valuable since the program 'A l'affiche du monde' ('World headlines') that was run by Christophe Izard and Claude Feouter has now ended.

on the left : TV program : 6:20pm (Colour) POP2 : T.Rex concert, recorded at la Taverne de l'Olympia



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