The '77 French Tour

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Prior to the U.K.'s successful 'Dandy in the Underworld' '77 tour T.Rex began by touring France during early february 1977.

Due to the tragic death of Marc Bolan this was to be the first and last ever French T.Rex tour.

The Dates :

According to Cliff Mc Lenehan superb book Marc Bolan ' A chronology 1947 - 1977 ' the dates were as follow :

see also the announce of the dates in : Rock et Folk

The Contract :

I was fortunate enough to buy, recently, Tony Howard's copy of the pre-contract for this tour.

Thursday 3rd February : Nantes, Le Macumba


T.Rex opened his French tour in a large club, 'Le Macumba', close to Nantes , the seventh french town by size, near the west coast


The songs played were :

Jeepster / Visions Of domino / New york City / Soul Of My Suit, Groove a Little, Telegram Sam / Hang-Ups / I Love To Boogie / Dandy In The Underworld / Hot Love and Get It On.

You can read :

Care to hear a small recording from the show ? ( 205kb )

Friday 4th February : Bordeaux, Le Macumba

Saturday 5th february : Toulouse, Halle aux grains


The report of this concert was published in the readers mail of Rock et Folk in the april '77 issue.

La Halle aux grains La Halle aux Grains

Picture : George Rab

set list :

...Get it On...Telegram Sam....Hot Love...

Read the review of this gig.

Tuesday 8th February : Besançon ?

Wednesday 9th February : Lyon, Palais d'hiver

This gig could have been canceled due to Marc being ill.

Tuesday 10th February : Dijon ?

Friday 11th February : Paris, Le Nashville

set list :

Jeepster / Visions Of domino / New york City / Groove a Little / Soul Of My Suit / I Love To Boogie / Hang-Ups / Hot Love and Get It On.

Paris gig '77Paris 77

picture Courtesy of Bernard Pavelek

( Bernard is French who saw that Parisian gig and has his own site . He is due to add pages full of previously unseen pictures from the Nashville show )

The concert was announced at 'Le Bataclan' but was switched to 'Le Nashville' due to ticket pricing problems.

On the afternoon before the gig Marc and Jeff Dexter visited the Olympia theater where Johnny Halliday was rehearsing.

Saturday 12th February : Troarn, Caen, La Salle des FĂȘtes

set list :

Jeepster / Visions Of domino / New york City / Groove a Little / Soul Of My Suit / I Love To Boogie / Hang-Ups / Hot Love /Dandy In The Underworld and Get It On.

This was the last ever T.Rex concert on French ground. On the next day the band ,minus Marc and Gloria , crossed the channel by boat.

Marc's French diary :

Marc Bolan kept his own hand-written diary of the rehearsings in London and the French tour. Five pages of around 40kb each.Sorry, I couldn't compress it more and keep a readable quality.

see the same page in French

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