Welcome on my Marc Bolan and T.Rex dedicated site, and specially on what happened in France, in regard of their lifes and carreers.

My work has been partly a detective work, and some of the infos published on my 'detective' pages had never been seen before.
Enjoy the visit !

I want to thank everyone who helped for this site : Martin Barden for his O'Hara's interview, Rick Dalvano for his help with the translation of many pages to English, Paul Johnstone ditto, Micky Marmelade for his fabulous interview,Diane, Mirabelle Smith and Brian 'Zac' Martin for translation, Robert Moots ditto,George Rab for rare pictures and translation, Gavin Ross for his 'Wizard' article, Simon Smalley, Russ Thomas and Paul Wattam for their help in translation.

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