The number of dedicated sites to T.Rex, John's Children or Marc Bolan is really astounding.
From the
TOMB  you'll find links to almost everything concerning Marc Bolan & T.Rex.
I'm also very proud to have helped on the Spaceball Boots section of
The Groover site.

Please visit Depth Charge, Natalie Mc Donald's site. And Michael Green's Dandy In The Underworld.
There are obviously far less sites in French. Keep an eye on Bernard Pavelek's site , and from this latest I found a link to : POPNEWS : La Biographie de MARC BOLAN.

Pay a (free) visit to  Telerama's site

You may also visit the site dedicated to Johan Asherton
On this site dedicated to
Michel Magne, you will find infos on the Château d'Hérouville.'.

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