Maxipop- Hebdomadaire - jeudi 10 août 1972 - N° 7 (weekly, 10th August 1972 issue #7)

The Slider : The new T.Rex album was given a warm welcome by the English musical press; sales will fly high...

Bolan's movie
Marc Bolan, the most famous English singer at the moment, is working hard in the studio on the movie that Ringo Starr filmed during their concerts at the Wembley Empire Pool during March this year. The movie will also include studio jams, with Elton John among others, and outside scenes. Ringo can also be seen in the movie. Additional scenes will be recorded during T.Rex holidays in the fall. Marc Bolan also plans a big concert in London, for Christmas.



Maxipop- Hebdomadaire - jeudi 31 août 1972 - N° 7 (weekly, 31st August 1972 issue #7)


On Thursday, 3rd of August, Xavier GELIN, during his EUROPE1 radio program B.B.X., made  a 'Special zoom' on Marc BOLAN and T.Rex, with an interview on the band's history, their music, Ringo Starr's movie, their forthcoming stay in Paris next week, etc...

The famous band will play the OLympia, on 4th of September. T.Rex also finished recording five song during mid-august, at Herouville's studios. Among these five songs  their next hit will be chosen- their next single is to be released during September.

"Il était une Fois (There was a Time) T.Rex". This is not a fairy tale, but the bill for a successful Musicorama (Musicorama was a EUROPE1 program that aired recorded concerts). Date : 4th September. Place: The Olympia, of course.

Two concerts are planned. 'Il était une fois' (French band) will open the show. This will be a fabulous return for this band, whose LP (La fille qui t'aime - The girl who loves you) is soon to be released, and who charted this summer with their single 'Rien qu'un ciel, Maria - Only a sky, Maria'. T.Rex will do the rest.


Maxipop- Hebdomadaire - jeudi 14 septembre 1972 - N° 8 (weekly, 14th September 1972 issue #8)

French tour for T.Rex

Let us console ourselves! The cancelled Musicorama was maybe for a better change.  Indeed, they are strongly planning to do a four dates tour in France at the beginning of January; but nothing in Paris. Four towns are planned - namely, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Metz or Besançon.


At the moment they're touring the USA.  Then they will fly to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and back to England. 

Their next tour in the USA is planned for February 1973. Meanwhile, a new LP would have been released.


T.Rex new single

Their new single is just out in England. It's a 3 songs E.P. The songs were recorded last August in Herouville. The A-side is 'Children Of The Revolution'.  This song is included in Ringo Starr's movie on Bolan. The B-side two songs are 'Jitterbug Love' and 'Sunken Rags'. A new hit for T.Rex has been launched!









T.Rex The Slider

If it wasn't for the news, I would not have reviewed this LP, for I'm again badly criticizing it. As much as the Airplane new LP is a masterpiece, this one is as much a huge... whatever you want!  At least I did not have to bear them at the Olympia, poor Marc being unwell (!). And I will not much miss his guitar playing.


From the sleeve credits, it informs us that this record wasn't recorded in England, nor in the States - but in Herouville, and at the Rosenberg studios in Copenhagen.


The cover pic is credited to Ringo Starr.  And that said, I've told you almost everything.  In any case, those who love T.Rex already own their copy and are about to send me an abusive letter. The others have been indifferent to T.Rex for long.


One question is puzzling me:  How the same man(?) can play and compose the music of T.Rex and the one of Tyrannosaurus Rex?



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