For long very few was known about Marc Bolan's tax exile at Monte-Carlo.

A stay between 1974 and 1976 was quoted in most of his bios but without any further detail. He was said to have rented a penthouse there.

My own search lead me to write to an unexpected fan: His Royal Highness Prince Albert of Monaco who kindly asked for I to be answered. My deepest thanks for his kindness.

Prince Albert has asked me to answer your letter dated of 23rd/02/2000.

Verifications have been enquired to the 'Public security direction'. From that it appears that

Mark Feld aka Marc Bolan , member of the musical band T.Rex, born in London 30th/09/1947, made a request for a visa near the 'General Consulat of France' in London during july 1974.

What happened to this request is not known but it appears that he never acceeded the 'residant' status.

Anyway he seems to have lived , as a lodger, during the quoted period ( 1974/1976 ) at 'résidence l'Estoril ' 31 Avenue Princesse Grace.

We were not able to find any further detail.

Highest regards.

Mireille Viale ( private secretary to HRH Prince Albert of Monaco )

In fact, Marc Bolan made a few stays between 1974 and 1976, sharing his time between Monaco and California.

(pics courtesy of Dorothee)

You may check Mickey Marmelade's interview ( roadie with T.Rex from 1971 to 1976 ) for more details.


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