Podium (monthly) #15 May 1973







T.Rex. A simple name for the greatest Rock band of the last three years (the other being Slade).

Leading them is a young man with long corkscrewed hair, make-up around the eyes, an effeminate stage act his name, Marc Bolan.

Marc is a new type of sex symbol "androgynous". Not male, not female, somewhere in-between.







Just as David Bowie is in the USA. In England, boys and girls comb their hair like him, dress like him (crazy outfits, multi-coloured satin suits, etc...), think of him as their idol . A name has been given to this lunacy surrounding the band T.Rexmania, just as witnessed with Beatlemania. The Beatles 'mania' that inspires T.Rex in more ways than one. It has been said that T.Rex were/are the new Beatles.




But if you listen a little closer to their music, you quickly notice that where John, Paul, George & Ringo were exploring new paths, new sounds, T.Rex only aims at a more formulated sound. Every 3 months a new hit that doesn't sound any different from the previous one, be it 'Hot Love', 'Telegram Sam', or ' 20th Century Boy'.

The sound a powerful and heavy rhythm, the warbling voice of Marc Bolan, a few guitar choruses here and there (a Gibson LesPaul, like Mc Cartney) and that's it.






It's simple and enjoyable, danceable but that's all. Give it a few years and no one will listen to Marc Bolan's tunes the way we listen to the 4 from Liverpool. Genius like them are rare and you can't find many within a century.

A few weeks ago,after a fabulous US tour, Marc Bolan and his mates gave a concert at the Olympia, a Musicorama show, all rockers in town showed up They were there but I think they were somehow deceived or their expectations to grand. The audience reaction was mixed to say the least.

T.Rex are a good rock band, but there not the Beatles.

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