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Octobre/October 1977 No 6


Marc Bolan

Mark Feld, the future Marc Bolan, was born September 30, 1947. He was therefore of the astrological sign of Libra. Marc was always a STAR, not just a pop star (something that is not really big or powerful). Bolan wouldn’t get fooled. He confided, "I can’t really believe anybody can be a called a pop star. No such thing. YOU MIGHT exist as one in a photograph, but it's never you." He was a star before and after he was the young man who listened to Elvis and Cochran. He wore black and white shoes or a black velvet jacket with white satin collar, and a cane with a knob in the shape of a white elephant.

To become famous!
Marc's first band was made up of neighborhood friends, including Helen Shapiro, who was known as "Suzy and The Hoola Hoops”. Then Marc Bolan had his "modelling" period that he'd rather forget. After that, his first singles for Decca, "Wizard" and "San Francisco Poet," then "Hippy Gumbo" on Columbia. In 1967, he joined John's Children, of which remains a single, "Desdemona." It was Flower Power time for Bolan - sun, beauty, and flowers. These were also the times when money was low. Marc and his wife, June Child, who had always supported him and shared his taste for vegetarian cuisine, lived in a small studio filled with incense, red star designs, bongos and guitars ... and fame, too. Marc Bolan was walking in the winter mists wearing yellow satin trousers.
Bolan formed Tyrannosaurus Rex with Steve Took. Charming LPs of an elf star were released : "My people Were Fair" and "Prophets, Seers and Sages; The Angels of the Ages" in 1968; "Unicorn" in 1969; and "A Beard of Stars" in 1970, with the first appearance of Mickey Finn. Marc Bolan had also published a book of delicate poems, "The Warlock of Love."
Bolan craved fame and recognition. He longed to escape the narrow circle of his admirers. He loved rock'n'roll and playing electric guitar. He said, "I've got flaming hands and bleeding fingers. I steer the guitar like a ship and sing with my eyes closed."
A rhythm section was added and turned Tyrannosaurus Rex into T.Rex: Steve Currie (bass) and Billy Fyfield (drums). T. Rex's music drove teenagers wild and earned the misunderstanding of elders. "I always wanted to be a rock'n'roll star," declared Marc - that thing that does not exist. But Bolan had never been able to forget Cliff Richard’s pink jacket under the limelight.
To Bolan there was no difference between "Deborah" and "Hot Love" or "Salamanda Palaganda" and "Get It On." He said, "I'm the only one able to sing "Hot Love," and on "Telegram Sam" listen to the lyrics - they are really great: 'automatic shoes give me 3D vision and the Californian blues.'"
More albums, more successes, and a movie too: "Born to Boogie". Then came decadence and oblivion. But Bolan was still recording. "Dandy In The Underworld" was his final album. He lived with the American singer, Gloria Jones. There was a period of silence that teenagers couldn’t stand. A single Marc and Gloria sang together, "To know you is to love you." Gloria Jones was driving when their car hit a tree. Marc Bolan was killed. It was September 16th, 1977. "Child Star."
Jacques Le Minor.



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