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Marc Bolan's death

On 16th september the world was stunned. Marc Bolan was killed during the night when being driven back home. This tragedy occured while Marc's wife was driving, Marc being sitted beside her.

Marc had just finished recording his latest album and was about to play a few concerts in France.

After a pause of 2 years, he had just reached the charts again during the last 8 months. His last tour in Great Britain has caused frenzy scenes in many concert halls. He gave birth to the T.Rex band and was their leader.

I was familiar with him because 2 years ago I was lucky enough to be invited, with him, to celebrate Easter at Elton John's house; Elton John's being Marc's best friend.

Because of this accidental death he now teams with Eddy COCHRAN and Gene VINCENT (both were killed accidentally).

He leaves a 20 months orphan girl (!). We're mourning him deeply.




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